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Vaccine Vinyl Sticker

Vaccine Vinyl Sticker

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Who says vaccines can't be cute? This vinyl sticker says, ""I want to be in your arms"" and features an adorable vaccine smiling and emoting with a little heart. A vaccine can both save your life* and make you swoon! For those who love science, medicine, public health, healthcare, biology, immunology, and/or cute things with faces that show you affection.

*The vaccine printed on this sticker is unlikely to actually save your life, but real vaccines are among the greatest scientific accomplishments and public health measures to date—and really do save lives! Learn more about vaccination at: CDC.Gov

  • High-quality vinyl sticker with a slightly matte finish for a premium look & feel 
  • Printed on durable thick vinyl that is resistant to water, wind, sunlight, and scratches 
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