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Testicle Keychain - Having a Ball

Testicle Keychain - Having a Ball

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Let it all hang out with the cutest testicle keychain ever! Our testicle keychain makes a great gag gifts for vasectomy surgery, testicular cancer survivors or fun-loving urologist! Cute testicle keychain brings awareness to these fun-loving gonads! 

Testicle part of the keychain measures 1.93" x 1.9" 

If you want, buy two for anatomical correctness & extra balls. High-quality testicle keychain is just the thing to gift your doctor for a job well done. Bring balls to your IVF clinic or sperm bank! Super cute urology clinic mascot for bathroom keys. This testicle keychain is easy to clean! Wipe and disinfect this metal testicle keychain to keep your clinical setting germ-free. 

Testicles make sex hormones and sperm. These gonads hang in a happy pair inside the scrotum, just below the penis. Sperm is the swimming cell responsible for helping make new humans. Hormones in the brain spark testosterone production in the testicles. Absolutely nuts!

Wanna know more about testicles? I thought you'd never ask! The testicles make approximately a million sperm a day, that’s about 1,500 per second. The testicle’s pompadour Elvis-esque hairdo is called the epididymis, it’s an incubator for developing sperm babies. It’s like sperm preschool!

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