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Rectum Keychain - Bringing up the Rear !

Rectum Keychain - Bringing up the Rear !

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Never lose your keys again with this rectum keychain. It’s okay to be anal — especially when it comes to your keys! Give the gift of a cute rectum keychain when life kicks you in the butthole!

Colorectal surgery isn't cute, but our rectum keychain sure is! Grab some rectal cancer gifts to lift spirits -- and rectums! Our funny and adorable rectum keychain is the ultimate conversation starter! Get your favorite colorectal surgeon something he or she will never forget. /great awareness item for rectal and anal cancer. A nice daily reminder to care for your butthole.

Soft enamel keychain measures 2” x 1.6”

What does the rectum do? The rectum is the last stop for poop! The butt of many jokes, the rectum plays a serious role when it comes to pooping. This fecal loading dock is lined with nerve endings that, when filled with poop, tell the brain to find a bathroom pronto.

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