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Parathyroid Gland Lapel Pin - Gland Slam

Parathyroid Gland Lapel Pin - Gland Slam

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Bet you never thought you'd ever find a parathyroid pin, huh? Well, here it is! Give the gift of the mighty parathyroid gland lapel pin! It's small but so endocrinologically awesome. Parathyroid cancer, parathyroid disease or parathyroid surgery got you down? Let this tiny gland lift you up. Endocrinology surgery gift ideas galore here at I Heart Guts. Endocrine surgeons need gifts, too! The parathyroid plays an important role in bone growth, telling the body how to divvy up the calcium. Just the thing for that nice endocrinologist in your life.

This cute little 1.25" parathyroid pin comes packed on an educational card.

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