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Moskinto 42ct: the Original Itch Relief Patch

Moskinto 42ct: the Original Itch Relief Patch

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Moskinto: Itch-Relief Patch relieves you of itching and swelling caused by bites! Our product is all-natural, skin-friendly, and waterproof. We work immediately through a lifting effect created by our patch. By lifting the skin a bit, our patch allows the saliva and anticoagulant left behind by the insects to drain away by the body's lymphatic system.

Our patch relieves you from itching and swelling for as long as you use it! We last for several days and are both a more comfortable and effective product than creams and other ointments. Live free of fear from mosquitoes! Instant itch-relief.

 Kids love us! They can proudly self-treat their bites with the color options of our Family Box tin. Mothers are happy to have this product in their homes to share with all their family. Whether you are an outdoor lover or just someone who knows how annoying bug bites can be, we're happy to be of value!

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