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Liver Lapel Pin - I Wanna Be Your Liver

Liver Lapel Pin - I Wanna Be Your Liver

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Cute liver pins for your hippest hep friends! Funny anatomical liver pal will look super cute on your bag, scrubs, backpack, badge reel or anyplace you think would look better with a little liver. Great liver surgery transplant gift for recovery! Cute liver pin helps bring awareness to a variety of serious health issues, including liver transplants, living liver donations, hepatitis, liver failure, liver disease and the like. Liver pins and liver keychains make funny get well, liver surgery or liver donor gifts! Get your hepatologist a cute liver gift today so they can greet their next patient with a smiling lil' liver. Whether you love them, eat them, destroy them, or care for them, livers are the largest and perhaps the coolest of all human organs.

This splendid little 1.25" liver pin is made from durable printed aluminum, comes packed on an educational card.

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