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Pituitary Gland Lapel Pin - Glandmaster Flash!

Pituitary Gland Lapel Pin - Glandmaster Flash!

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Cute and funny pituitary gland pin makes this amazing brain gland wearable! Beat back that pituitary tumor with a smiling and colorful pituitary gland pin. 99% of nerdy neuroscientists agree the pituitary is one of the body's coolest brain glands. Give the gift of the master gland pituitary pin for your endocrinologist or brain enthusiast! 

Pituitary surgery is scary, but if you're wearing this little friend, you'll feel better. Pituitary pin looks great on scrubs, white coat, hospital lanyard or brain clinic lanyard. This cute little 1.25" pituitary pin comes packed on an educational card and was made in China.

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