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Ovum Lapel Pin - Ova and Out!

Ovum Lapel Pin - Ova and Out!

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Offer your ovaries some extra lovin' with this cute ovum 1.25" lapel pin. Show 'em you've got eggs on your backpack, jacket, scrubs or badge reel. Ovary gifts for the ova achiever in your life! Give the gift of ovarian hope and success -- great gifts for ovarian cancer patients, IVF champs, TTC journey-goers or OB-GYN in your life. Ova and out, we'll see you ovu-later!

The ovum is the reproductive cell released from the ovary. If the mature ovum joins a sperm, it becomes a zygote, then embryo, then a fetus and maybe a baby. Your ovaries contain all the eggs you will ever make! That means the egg that became you was inside your baby mom inside your grandma. Wow!  This funny ovum  pin comes packed on an educational card, is made from durable printed aluminum and was made in China.

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