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I'm a Liver Not a Fighter Keychain

I'm a Liver Not a Fighter Keychain

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Liver keychains for the liver lover in your life. Humor, healing and hepatology go hand in hand with our funny and cute liver keychain! This great liver gift will bring smiles after surgery. Give liver love to surgeons, doctors, nurses, patients and all the other hep-cats. Liver keychains are great a  transplant & donor, liver surgery or liver health awareness gift!

Never lose your liver -- or your keys -- again with this cute anatomical liver keychain. Enamel liver keychain measures 2.3” x 2”, engraved with "I'm a Liver Not a Fighter" on the back. Educational card describes a handful the 500-something essential jobs your liver performs daily. Metal liver keychain wipes clean and disinfects way better than your real liver. Designed in the U.S., made in China.

How does the liver work? What does it do? The liver makes many of the body’s most vital chemicals, including cholesterol, bile, proteins and the clotting factors needed to stop bleeding. It also stores sugars, proteins and vitamins for use later. The liver cleanses the body, helping to break down harmful substances and metabolize drugs. It has over 500 jobs and is the only organ capable of regrowing itself!

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