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Hypothalamus Lapel Pin - Gland of the Living

Hypothalamus Lapel Pin - Gland of the Living

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Think your brain controls everything? This thing has a lot to do with it. Located deep inside your brain, the hypothalamus has a hand in pretty much all bodily functions and emotions, including love, hunger, fatigue, and anger. Amazing! The hypothalamus crosses the blood-brain barrier to do its job helping hormones and nerves talk to each other. Neuroscience nerds, brain anatomists and brain surgeons will love this obscure little body part to affix to their scrubs, lab coat or hospital badge reel. When hypothalamic probs come up, you may need a happy hypothalamus to remind you everything's gonna be ok!

This cute little 1.25" pin is made from durable printed aluminum, comes packed on a card.

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