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Cells At Work! Killer T Cell

Cells At Work! Killer T Cell

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This special edition plush collaboration with highly acclaimed, educational Anime series Cells at Work! provides a memorable hands-on-way to learn about Killer T-Cells and the Immune System.

Killer T Cells are Immune Cells that get instructions from Helper T Cells. They fight cancers and viruses. They are produced in the bone marrow.

Memorable get well gift, care package surprise, and fun learning tool for family, friends, students, scientists, educators, doctors, nurses and anyone who has a healthy sense of humor! Features high quality materials, detailed design and includes an educational card with fascinating facts about the Immune system and T-Cells.

Complete the set! Pairs well with Cells at Work! White Blood Cell, Red Blood Cell, Platelet and Macrophage.

Size: 5.5 x 5 x 2”

Cells at Work! ©Akane Shimizu / KODANSHA, Aniplex, davidproduction

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