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Brain Model

Brain Model

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Learning about the wonderful parts of the human brain has never been this fun and easy with GIANTmicrobes labeled cross-sectional model! One half is labeled with the parts of the brain and the other half has no labels. The outside features beautiful embroidered stitching. The inside has colorful artwork representing the different segments. Easy snaps connect the two halves together.

This soft, adorable gift is a great teaching tool for students, educators, family, friends, scientists, doctors, therapist and other healthcare professionals.

  • Learn and understand the complexities of the human brain with this labeled cross-section model
  • Explore the parts of the brain through hands-on investigation
  • Labeled cross-sections of the brain are realistically detailed
  • Features the main parts of the brain including - frontal lobe, medulla oblongata, cerebellum, hypothalamus, pineal gland, spinal cord and more

Size: 7 x 6 x 5"

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